Arn's Match Against Ric Flair, Page 9...
Arn's Match Against Ric Flair, Page 9...

Arn was momentarily stunned, so Ric went up top. But Arn brought him down the hard way.

Arn hit Ric with a kneedrop of his own.

But, Ric brought Arn down and started to set him up for the figure-four..

However, this was a "what if" moment Arn had had in the back of his mind for ten years, and he was ready for it. He attempted to block it in a way that Ric didn't expect.

Unfortunately for Arn, it wasn't enough. Ric locked it on, and locked it on tight.

But Ric made a mistake, he spit at Arn as he was in the hold. That gave Arn the determination he needed.

Arn turned it over, putting the hold's pressure on Ric. He got to the ropes and the referee called for the break.

Ric clipped Arn but Arn rolled him up for a two-count.

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