Arn Anderson's Most Memorable Moments
Arn Anderson's Most Memorable Moments


Love the Arn tribute. I was in the building in Columbia on Monday, and I can tell you that many people's faces looked like Flair's did that night. I was one of them. AA, along with Ricky Steamboat and Steve Austin, are my favorite wrestlers ever, mostly (esp with the first two) because they were selfless professionals, two words you don't hear much anymore.

I have an Arn story that you may be able to add to your collection. Arn's second match back from the Eudy stabbing was in Raleigh, NC. (You mentioned his first, which was in Winston-Salem, which I didn't go to...I was living in Raleigh at the time). He wrestled Shanghai Pierce at Dorton Arena, a small rinky-dink arena on the state fairgrounds where the local minor-league hockey team played.
After beating Pierce, Arn left the ring, but went down the heel aisle (you remember, they had separate face/heel aisles back then...they'd have to have 3 now, with one for tweeners :) )

Anyway, he realized his error about halfway down the aisle, and almost imperceptibly signaled to Pierce to catch up with him. Pierce attempted to hit Arn from behind, but Arn beat him to the punch, threw him into the hockey boards, pummeled him some more and left him laying.

Arn came back to the ring, picked up the mic, and said: "I may have gone down the wrong aisle, but I'll tell you one thing: (indicating Pierce) HE sure did!" He then gave his little "safe" sign and left. Thought you'd enjoy that. Keep up the good work.

Jay R.

This probably was one of the best web pages that I have ever seen. I was almost brought to tears! Arn is a great wrestler and everyone (except Sid) will miss him. I liked the title history and quotes section. One of my favorite memories of 1987 is on TBS World Championship Wrestling on Saturday and they would show the "Symbol of Excellence" Four Horsemen sign and Arn would come out and give another great interview.

Brian A.
Aviano, Italy - An American/Italian military base in Northeast Italy.


I too am very sad to see the career of the Enforcer come to a end. Being a NWA/WCW diehard starting back around 82, I had the honor to see AA at his best. He was the first heel I actually started rooting for (before it became cool to root for heels), solely based on his hard working, unselfish attitude. I had the pleasure of seeing him live only once (back in '85 in Portland, OR), and fondly remember many of his matches (Dusty Rhodes always seemed to bring out the best in AA, they worked so well together). Yesterday was a very sad day, but I was very happy to see WCW letting him go out that way. The sport has lost one of it's best.


My favorite AA memories are some of his interviews in which he would have a dictionary with him, wearing the same glasses he's seemed to have had all these years, reinforcing his studious demeanor. In his moderately quiet but authoritative voice, he would incorporate into his interview a word whose emphasis he stressed by referring to the dictionary definition. This was several years ago, so I can't remember the context of the interviews, but I do distinctly remember getting a big kick out of him doing it.


Hey Bill, this is Clayton from Houston. I just wanted to say that when I watched Arn Anderson give his retirement speech, I couldn't help but shed a tear myself. Unfortunately, I had to watch it with my idiot roomate and his friends, who commented after it was over that the whole speech was fake. I got really angry (which I don't often do) and told them about what The Enforcer has done for wrestling, and why he is one of the all time greats. They ended up apologizing and left me in peace. I don't know why I write this, except that I wanted to tell someone about, and who better than you?

Also, I'd like to give you my favorite Arn Anderson moments. I have to admit, I'm not the greatest expert, but one of my favorite moments was a while back when Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit were having their big feud. During that time, Arn Anderson had a match with Sullivan, and he gave a great interview, where he talked about Sullivan and his family. That is what really sticks out in my mind at the moment, how great he was at speaking in interviews. I also remember Arn Anderson and Ric Flair working together as Horsemen over the years. Truly, they were a thing of beauty to watch. And finally, Arn Anderson's whole career was just great. What else can you say about Arn Anderson, except that he is Arn Anderson. That in itself should tell anyone all they need to know. Anyways, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of The Enforcer. I imagine he'll be the Horsemen's new manager, and hopefully an announcer in the future.

Clayton L.
Houston TX

I saw a match between Arn and Brian Pillman several years ago. Arn had his leg bandaged from a groin injury, could barely walk but still was our there trying to give a good show. That is what I will remember, someone who gave his heart to wrestling.

I have several great memories of Double-A, but a couple from 1994 stand out most in my mind.

One of my favorites is when he turned on Dustin Rhodes that year and broke his arm. Rhodes was feuding with Col. Parker's stable. Arn had agreed to help Dustin in an interview saying something to the effect of "I'll help you, but I'm not going to change who I am". He and Dustin were set to face Bunkhouse Buck & Terry Funk at Bash at the Beach. In a pre-Bash match with Bad Attitude, both Arn & Dustin used heelish tactics to win (such as when the referee turns his back to keep the face from interfering, the heels switch places, but don't make a tag).

The fans were cheering for both men, overlooking the rules violation. At the Bash, Dustin is getting beat up by Buck & Funk and somehow makes a tag to Arn. Instead of going after the heels Double-A DDT'd Dustin and broke his arm. The next week Dusty gave his infamous speech of "the Earps were blood, the Kennedys were blood, the Rhodes are blood..."

My second memory from that year is when WCW came to Albany, GA, for a house show in November 1994. This was the only arena card I've ever been to (and somehow had front row seats to). Arn was teaming with Bunkhouse Buck in the main event against Dustin & Dusty in a cage. Even though Arn & Buck lost (Arn submitted to Dustin's figure-four while Dusty had one on Buck), it was a great match with great heat (a woman sitting beside had been cursing the heels all night long).



One of my fondest Arn Anderson memories comes from the February 12th Nitro from the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida. The previous week Ric Flair had defeated Hulk Hogan with help from Liz, and her infamous high heeled shoe. In order to exact revenge, Hogan is matched up against Flairís best friend, Arn Anderson on tonightís Nitro. As the time came for the main event, I remember thinking how bad I wanted to see Arn whip Hogan. Hogan comes to the ring still wearing the eye patch from his encounter with Lizís shoe last week. Hogan does his usual match, no selling Arnís punches while Arn sells all of Hoganís moves. As the match goes on, Flair, Elizabeth, and Woman come down the ringside. Hogan, after nailing the big boot, struts and "Whooo"s to enrage the Nature Boy. He then clamps in a figure four leglock on the Enforcer. An irate Flair storms the ring, only to be rolled up in an inside cradle, while Hogan still maintained the figure four on Anderson. After the ref breaks up Hogan and Flair, Woman jumps up on the apron. Hogan, like the idiot that he is, walks over to Woman. He is met by a handful of powder in the eyes. Flair, in the meantime, has grabbed hold of Lizís high heels. Flair then waffles the blinded Hogan with the shoe and Arn covers Hogan for the 1-2-3.

Then, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson storm the broadcast booth and get on the mic. Flair, as only he can, screams, "Hogan, you just got your ass kicked again! Do you like it?" Anderson then says, "Yes, Arn Anderson just beat the great unbeatable Hulk Hogan." As the show goes off the air, we learn that next weekís Nitro will have the rematch Hulk Hogan vs. Arn Anderson.

All week, like a true mark, I kept wishing and hoping to God that Arn Anderson could score another victory. Deep down inside I knew that it would never happen. After Hogan getting pinned by Flair one week, and then by Arn Anderson the next week, I knew there is no way he would ever job for a third week in a row. Still, I hoped and waited anxiously for next week's Nitro.

The next week's Nitro came to us live from Salisbury, Maryland. Surprisingly enough, Hogan vs. Anderson is the opening match. Hogan attacks Arn before the bell before Arn can even take off his jacket and goes to work on him. Man, I have never wanted anyone to win a match more before in my life. Címon, Double A! Same old Hogan match with Arn selling all of Hoganís moves, including a figure four leglock. With Arn in the figure four, Kevin Sullivan rushes the ring. At the same time, Randy Savage storms the ring to get rid of the interference caused by Kevin Sullivan. Savage knocks Sullivan out of the ring. The ref then turns around the see the Macho Man in the ring and he calls for the bell DISQUALIFYING HULK HOGAN!!! Man, I was so happy. Granted, it wasnít a pinfall, but it was a victory. For the second week in a row, Arn Anderson had defeated Hulk Hogan.

Bellevue, WA

One simple memory. I was at the Nitro when Arn pinned Hogan. It was one of the greatest moments for me in wrestling history.

Arn Anderson has long been one of my favorites and I'm definitely really going to miss him. My fondest Double A memories are definitely his interviews. They were always top notch, way above a lot of other supposedly top stars. My all time favorite has to be the interview he gave after Paul Roma turned against him, just before he and Sid had their unfortunate incident in England. It was an awesome interview, where he promised to take the knife out of his back and stab Paul with it....kind of ironic considering what happenned with Sid.

Anyways, Double A - you'll definitely be missed.

Jason K.
Ontario, Canada

My favorite memory was just before the '91 War Games. And Arn was talking about the first War Games and saying that he needed 'about a 12-pack of novacaine' the next morning.

Bowling Green, VA

Dear Bill,

There are of course too many good Arn moments to name, but two that really stick out are when Tully and Arn damn near ripped Ricky Morton's arm off after Cornette and crew executed a Divorce Court (remember that?) on the floor.

Another, and this is probably THE greatest Arn moment, was when Arn pinned The Immoral Hulk Hogan on Nitro and then he and Flair stormed the set. Arn gave a speach something like, "No, the sky is not falling. No, it's not the end of time. I just beat the great, immortal Hulk Hogan......"

I'd better stop. Might be getting a tad bit emotional.

Chris R.
Clarksville, TN


The first time I ever turned on NWA wrestling (I just got cable and was flipping through) they were showing highlights of Arn Anderson beating Wahoo McDaniel to start his first TV Title Reign. At the time I had never heard of the NWA (like most kids I only knew the WWF). Arn's interview after the highlights of the match hooked me on NWA wrestling.

My favorite moment came, however, when Arn and Ole made their return to the NWA (or was it WCW by then?). Ric called out Gary Hart Muta, Funk, and the Dragon Master cuz he had a surprise...Then Arn and Ole hit the ring....THE HORSEMEN RODE AGAIN.

Arn was one of the greatest men to ever grace the ring. I hope he sticks around as a manager of the Horsemen... Cuz I don't know what I will do without his interviews.


I remember the night on TV when they kicked Ole Anderson out of the Four Horsemen (Ole retired from full time wrestling). The show ended with Tully Blanchard and Arn beating and kicking Ole Anderson. The next few weeks had Arn yelling about going over to Ole's house and beating him up.

Just wanted to give you condolences on Arn. It was sad to watch a man who worked hard and loved his sport (unlike certain egomaniacs) to be forced to retire.

I myself never appreciated Arn. I started watching NWA wrestling in '86, right after Dusty won the belt from Flair, and I was a total mark who hated heels. I didn't start cheering for heels until I was about 19. I agree that losing Arn is loss to all of wrestling. But, at least I'll have the memory of Arn beating on Jarrett after Jarrett called Arn a "horse's ass". (My favorite Arn moment for some reason.) Now, when are they going to resign Tully?

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