The Horsemen of the mid-90s
The Horsemen of the mid-90s

The Horsemen came back full force in the mid-90s, their stature enhanced by the increased exposure on Monday Nitro.

With Brian Pillman.

Arn and Ric Flair against Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner, also known as the Lightning Express. Both of these men were great wrestlers, and they made a formidable team, but Arn and Ric came out on top that night.

Against Sting.

Arn on his way to pinning the "unbeatable" Hulk Hogan in January of 1996.

After beating Hogan, Arn and Ric rushed the booth and assured the millions watching on TV that "the sky is not falling", it's just Arn Anderson beating Hulk Hogan.

Against Randy Savage.

With Ric Flair and Kevin Sullivan. Arn and the Taskmaster had an on-again, off-again relationship in the later years of Arn's career.

Arn and Ric make their way to the ring. As for that second's definitely one-of-a-kind.

Arn's last interview before going in for surgery in April of 1997.

On hos way to the ring to announce his retirement on August 25th, 1997.

Promotional photo.

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