The Story Of When I Met Arn Anderson
The Story Of When I Met Arn Anderson

As I was working in Phoenix at the time, I decided to drive up to Las Vegas to see Halloween Havoc '97. I had been told that Arn Anderson was aware of my tribute to him, but had never seen it. So, as a kind of a lark, I printed out all of it and left a copy for him at the hotel's business center.

Later that evening, I was in one of the hotel bars, and a number of the wrestlers were there. Arn came in with a group of people that I didn't recognize and was at the bar ordering drinks. I paid for the round and Arn came over to thank me. I told him I had a tribute to him out there on the Internet and I had left a copy for him at the hotel to pick up. He said he hadn't seen it yet, but he would pick it up and he said he'd be back at the bar after the show the following evening. In fact, he told Disco Inferno to remind him to hook up with me.

Of course, I was worried throughout the next day. Maybe he'd blow me off. Maybe he wouldn't like the tribute because I was trying to be a "smart" fan. He might even consider it a copyright infringement on his good name. However, after all the sweating, I needn't have worried.

The following night, after the show, the bar was a mob scene. I was there a good hour or so and Arn showed up. I had to fight my way to get to him and reintroduce myself. He said he thought the tribute was great and it was obvious I'd done a lot of research. He said it was the nicest thing a fan had ever done for him and he would never forget it. He was being mobbed as he told me this, but he was looking me in the eye with true sincerity as only Arn can do.

Given the crowd around him, I realized that he and I weren't going to hang back and down a six-pack together talking about his career. I said I am glad he likes it, had him sign my ticket stub, and I went on my way. However, in the few moments I had with him, he verified everything everybody who has ever met him has said about him. He's truly a class act. Seeing as I probably never would have met him otherwise, and the fact that he genuinely liked it, it made all the work I've put into his tribute worth it.

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