Arn Anderson's Career History
Arn Anderson's Career History

The Stabbing

Ironically, even though Arn has been devoted to professional wrestling for fifteen years, the event he is most known for happened outside the arena. On October 28th, 1993, an early-morning brawl took place at the Moat House Hotel in Blackburn, England took place in Arnís room between Sid Vicious (aka Psycho Sid) and Arn.

Of course, there are multiple versions of the story but a few things seem clear. It started with Sid coming out and legitimately heckling Arn during a match earlier that day. Later that night, there were some heated words between the two in the hotel bar. Then, in the early morning, Sid went to Arnís room (to apologize, according to Sid). Several sources confirmed, however, that Sid hit Arn with a chair when Arn emerged from the room. Furniture was thrown and a pair of scissors was pulled by one man. It took 2 Cold Scorpio and several wrestlers to pull the two men apart. Both men were rushed to a local hospital. Arn received 20 stab wounds from a pair of scissors, while Vicious suffered four puncture wounds.

Word of this incident was so widespread that it even reached the mainstream press, which removed any possibility that it was a work. Both wrestlers initially filed charges against each other but both sets of charges were later dropped. WCW was going to let Sid continue to work for the organization even though common knowledge was that he was the aggressor. Many of the WCW talent threatened to walk out on the upcoming WCW Clash of the Champions and, as a result, Sid was fired. Vicious had been booked to fight Vader for the World Heavyweight Title at Starrcade í93 and was replaced by Ric Flair, who won the title from Vader at that event in what may have been Ric Flair's greatest match ever.

The Comeback

Arn did not return to action until December 28th, 1993, the day after Starrcade. On that day, he silenced anyone who doubted his ability to come back by pummeling and defeating his former tag team partner now turn rulebreaker Paul Roma, who had since formed an alliance with Paul Orndorff and The Assassin. Soon after that, he completed his "comeback" by defeating television champion "Lord" Steven Regal and, on the same card, filling in for an injured Ric Flair and defeating Paul Orndorff. Unfortunately, his win over Regal took longer than fifteen minutes and therefore he did not win the title.

Unfortunately for Arn, Ric Flair had his hands full defending the Word Title and Arn was left without a partner. Arn drifted a bit in early 1994 and even turned up in a bout in Eastern Championship Wrestling (now known as Extreme Championship Wrestling) still looking to get a piece of Bobby Eaton. Arn teamed up with Terry Funk to battle Eaton and Sabu. Funk accidentally clobbered his partner Arn with a chair during the match (who would have guessed it in ECW?). Arn got hold of the chair and furiously cleared the ring. He went after Sabu. He went after Eaton. He even went after Funk. Arn was standing alone in the ring when it was all over. After the match, Arn was a raving lunatic spewing venom on how their was no loyalty nor tough men left in the sport. The Enforcer was definitely back!

Arn would spend the rest of 1994 as a member of Col. Robert Parkerís Stud Stable. Towards the end of 1994, Arn became engaged in a feud with Dustin Rhodes. Earlier in the year, Dustin had foolishly trusted Arn, who had always been one of his fatherís fiercest rivals. During a tag match where Arn and Dustin were partners, Dustin, after having taken a beating, tagged Arn in. Arn, upon being tagged in, DDTd Dustin. Arn then teamed up with their opponents, Terry Funk and Bunkhouse Buck, and repaid Dustinís trust with an arm broken in two places. A classic Horseman maneuver. As one would expect when tangling with the head booker's son, Dustin ultimately got the better of Arn in that feud. Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, and The Nasty Boys beat Col. Robert Parker, Terry Funk, Bunkhouse Buck, and Arn in "War Games" at Fall Brawl '94. Dustin also defeated Arn at Halloween Havoc í94. Dustin would later go on to wear a wig and gold paint and portray the homosexual wrestler Golddust in the WWF. Maybe Arn got the last laugh after all.

Arn was a last-minute replacement for The Honky Tonk Man at Starrcade '94 and lost to Johnny B. Badd (Marc Mero). However, Arn would go on to win his fourth NWA/WCW World Television Title defeating Johnny B. Badd on January 9th, 1995. Arn would be knocked out by Badd in a horrible boxer vs. wrestler match at the Uncensored pay-per-view. Arn would hold and defend the belt against such rising stars as Alex Wright and The Renegade for over five months before dropping the strap to The Renegade at the Great American Bash on June 18th in probably one of the worst booking decisions in history. Renegade at the time was being pushed as "The Man Who Will Take Hulkamania Into The 21st Century". Soon after Renegade took the belt from Arn Anderson, his push ended as abruptly as it started but Arn never got a chance to regain the strap.

The Horsemenís Rebirth

As 1995 continued, the Horsemen were reborn. Arn joined Ric Flair in an atttack on 70-year-old Angelo Poffo at Slamboree '95 when Poffo climbed into the ring to help his son, Randy Savage, and Hogan in a brawl with the rulebreakers. In addition to Arn and Ric Flair, Brian Pillman and "Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit joined the group. Brain Pillman, true to his "Loose Cannon" nickname, brought more dissension than cohesion to the group. Interestingly enough, as 1995 started to come to a close, Arn would feud with none other than Ric Flair. The feud started when Flair did not receive the illegal assistance he sought from Arn in a match against Alex Wright at a TV taping on July 26th, 1995. The feud was further fueled by Arn and Flair losing a handicap match to Vader at Clash of the Champions XXXI. To the surprise of many, when their feud climaxed at Fall Brawl 1995, Arn (with a little help from Brian Pillman) pinned Ric Flair following a DDT.

The Horseman Of The Mid-90s

In early 1996, Arn had probably the best eight days of his career when he pinned Hulk Hogan (2/12/96) and then defeated Hogan via disqualification (2/19/96) on two Nitros in a row. After Pillman left the Horsemen, the remaining ones entered into a short-lived alliance with the Dungeon of Doom. As that alliance was falling through, the Horsemen succeeded in getting a fourth member when Steve "Mongo" McMichael, the former all-pro Chicago Bear, turned against his partner, Kevin Greene, at the Great American Bash and joined the Horsemen. Mongo, at first, seemed like a poor choice for the Horsemen, more for publicity than his wrestling ability. However, that would turn around and Mongo would show vast improvement throughout 1997, eventually capturing the WCW U.S. Heavyweight Title from Jeff Jarrett. The Horsemen would go on to be the lead the charge against the nWo when they emerged at the Bash at the Beach in 1996. Arn, true to form, spend most of his time backing up Ric Flair, rather than leading the charge personally. When Flair went down with a shoulder injury in late 1996, it was left up to Arn to hold the Horsemen together.

As 1996 came to a close and 1997 got underway, Arn almost imperceptibly stopped wrestling. He did interviews, interfered in matches, and was involved only in matches that, for one reason or another, only lasted a very short time. Word began to get around that Arn had a serious arm injury and, in February of 1997, the true extent of the vertebrae problems in his neck become known. It was so bad that he was getting paralysis in his left hand, as he admitted in on on-air interview days before his surgery. On April 8th, 1997, Arn had surgery to fuse the fifth, sixth, and seventh vertebrae in his neck to alleviate the problem. The word was that the surgery went very well, but Arn would be announcing his retirement when he recovered.

All questions would be answered on the August 25th, 1997 edition of Nitro...

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