Even More from the 80s
Even More from the 80s

Against "The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez. For those of you younger wrestling fans who may never have seen one, in the second and third picture, that's an armbar.

With Ric Flair against Ronnie Garvin. It's been said that other wrestlers hated wrestling Ronnie Garvin, as he beat the living hell out of every guy he wrestled.

Being interviewed by David Crockett during Arn's first TV Title reign.

Showing some great classic wrestling maneuvers against Wahoo McDaniel. He was the man Arn beat in the final round of the tournament to win his first TV Title.

Arn and J.J. Dillon being interviewed on the subject of Ole Anderson being kicked out of the Horsemen.

You could definitely accuse Ole of being stubborn, but he definitely was never short on guts. After recovering from the beating, he marched right into the locker room and he confronted Ric Flair, wanting to know where Flair stood in all this....

The end result was five guys putting the boots to him, instead of just two...

When it was all said and done, they dumped him into the janitor's closet across the hall.

Against Nikita Koloff, a great opponent.

A familiar sight...the Horsemen beating up the Rock 'n Roll Express.

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